R  A  I  L  S  C  E  N  E       T  O  D  A  Y
Britain's railways have changed considerably over the years and in the late 1980s when I first got into railway photography there was a huge variety of trains to photograph and enjoy.
Into the 1990s and my musical interests took over but now, after a gap of over 20 years, my passion for railways has returned with a vengeance and equipped with a DSLR camera, camcorder, notebook (and an understanding wife), I'll be setting off on a series of journeys and day trips around Britain, often on routes and branch lines I've never travelled on before, so why not accompany me on my little adventure as I discover the rail scene of today (and of years gone by).

I am also a keen railway modeller so there are a handful of pages dedicated to Model Railways including the annual York & District Model Railway show which I organize. Email

Tony Hoffman (Hoffers)
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